Lilydale Tuition Centre is an independent, established, one-stop educational centre for children and parents. 

We employ qualified, professional staff registered with either V.I.T. or current Working with Children Checks with years of experience behind them. Our independence ensures we have the flexibility and adaptability to adjust to the ever changing education environment and your child’s needs.  We continually seek out and utilise the best resources available, including computer software and programs. We constantly update and are well prepared to handle whatever is happening in education.


Jerry Le is the mother of two girls, an educator, a parenting coach, an author, and a lifelong learner. She has been running a successful educational centre for the last ten years. She has always had of love of learning and has great belief in the power of education. She’s highly qualified and trained to  educate and run leadership programs for students.  Her purpose is to use education to help our next generation thrive and lead a fulfilled life.

With a great passion in studying people and relationships, completing the Graduate Diploma of Counselling, she is able to work and communicate effectively with students of all ages from different backgrounds and with special needs,

Jerry is also the bestselling author of the parenting book TIME OUT for TIME IN: How reconnecting with yourself can help you bond with your child

TIME OUT for TIME IN shares the stories, knowledge, parenting experiences from both Eastern and Western cultures to guide all struggling, burned-out working parents to reconnect with what matters the most to us. So, we, as parents, can be free from our past pain to become alive, compassionate and to give our children the time, attention, guidance, and love that they deserve. 

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